Mountain Views of Snowdon

This webcam shows a view of Snowdon, a popular mountain for walkers and hikers in North Wales. The image updates every 10 minutes.

This view of Snowdon is looking at the northern slopes. On this side is the popular Llanberis Path and the Snowdon Mountain Railway.

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In Support of Mountain Rescue

The Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team is a volunteer rescue organisation which covers Snowdon and the surrounding area. The volunteer team members are on call 24 hours a day, every day of the year, to assist those injured or lost in the mountains. The Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team is funded only by charitable donations.
If you like this website, please consider donating a small amount to help fund the team.

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Donations are through JustGiving direct to Llanberis MRT. You can choose another amount on the JustGiving page :)

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Where is the Camera?

Lodge Dinorwig hosts the webcam, showing the amazing view from their cafe & hostel which serves a wide range of homemade treats with the best local produce - from soup & sandwiches to cakes & coffee. Enjoy!

If you are looking for a base for your adventures in Snowdonia or if you are looking for an accommodation after finishing the Three Peaks Challenge, with bespoke beds, curtains for privacy, cosy bedding and comfy mattresses this is the perfect place to rest your head.

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What's the weather doing?

Keeping an eye on the weather is important for a safe and enjoyable time in the mountains. The forecast on the left shows a summary for the Summit of Snowdon over the next few days.

The icons in the forecast on the left show: 1. The overall weather type, 2. The wind speed (mph) and direction, 3. The average temp in °C, 4. The temperature it may "feel like" taking into account the effect of the wind, 5. Any hazards.

Find further forecasts at the MetOffice and MWIS

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